"Whether it’s a media appearance, speaking at your next event or supporting your organisation with strategy development, I would love to work with you."

Public Speaking.

Thenu’s bold and intersectional approach to Australian foreign policy has led to her speaking at numerous events. She has appeared alongside figures like former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and spoken in front of numerous foreign and domestic delegates. Thenu also has a passion for connecting with young people. She is frequently speaking at schools and university conferences around Australia about leadership, sustainable development and human rights.

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Speaking topics:


Sustainable Development

Human Rights

Foreign Policy

Some speaking topics

Why NGO’s can’t solve the world’s greatest challenges alone

Despite sensational strategic planning and thought leadership by many NGOs and global multilateral institutions, the world is not on track to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In fact,  poverty and wealth inequality continue to increase, while the climate crisis accelerates us towards an uncertain global future. It is clear we must rethink the way we approach these interconnected global challenges. Thenu shares how governments and the private sector can work hand in hand with NGOs to more effectively realise these goals before our time runs out. 

Who is this presentation for?

This talk can be adjusted based on the audience, but would be best suited to emerging and established professionals in the private sector or government. 

Key takeaways

Appreciation for the urgency we face in addressing our current global challenges through the concept of ‘Deep Time’. 

Understanding the Sustainable Development Goals and the limits of our current approach. 

A step by step guide to developing effective ESG strategies and partnerships that support the realisation of these goals. 

5 Lessons in Values-Based Leadership

Staying true to who we are is incredibly powerful. Imagine if leaders had values such as fairness, kindness and empathy in mind when making important decisions? While such values are often labeled as ‘naive’ in global leadership, Thenu explores how we can harness their power to strengthen our ability to lead. Through poignant story-telling, she explores how values-based leadership could be the key to building thriving communities and organisations. 

Who is this presentation for?

This talk can be adjusted based on the audience. It is suitable for all aspiring and established leaders;  whether in high schools, universities, NGO’s, corporates or governments. 

Key takeaways

Understanding values-based leadership approaches. 

Examples of values-based leadership in practice.

Frameworks to practice values-based leadership individually or within an organisation. 

True Belonging: Going beyond tokenism and quotas in diversity and inclusion strategies 

Diversity’ is about getting different perspectives in the room, and ‘inclusion’ is about being welcomed into it. ‘Belonging’ is about having one’s views truly heard and respected within that room. Drawing upon her personal experiences with disempowering diversity initiatives and tokenism, Thenu shares strategies that all organisations and communities can use to strengthen true belonging for all. 

Who is this presentation for?

This talk can be adjusted based on the audience. It is suitable for all aspiring and established leaders who want to improve their approach to diversity and inclusion. 

Key takeaways

Understanding rights-based approaches to diversity and inclusion.

How to draw upon lived experience to avoid ineffective diversity strategies.

A tailored guide for implementation: how to effectively foster true belonging in your community.

Thenu comes across as immensely confident with a genuine warmth, and her passion for what she believes in is inspiringly palpable. She was highly engaging and cut-through in delivering powerful messaging, demonstrating her clear capacity to effectively communicate with varying audiences.
Caroline Kelly
Director of Communications, St Peter’s Girls’ School

In the Media.

Thenu is an experienced interviewee, palenlist and writer, with works published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, Courier Mail and numerous independent think tanks and non-profits.

Contact Thenu for media opportunities.

Media Feature

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Published article

Young Australians’ Covid response shows they’re far from irresponsible


Thenu has consulted with various organisations on decolonised and locally-led approaches to international development. Thenu is also skilled strategist who would love to support your organisation with strategy development and theory of change creation.

Thenu experienced in enacting pragmatic diversity and inclusion initiatives. Get in touch if you want to discuss how your organisation can better include youth voices and champion racial and cultural diversity.  

Thenu talking with her hands

What I do.

Decolonisation and locally-led international development

At Oaktree, my team and I pioneered a decolonised development model that focuses on locally-led initiatives and projects. Get in touch to learn more about how we can pragmatically shift power to local communities.

Strategy Development

I can support you or your organisation to create impactful vision & mission statements, theories of change and organisational outcomes and goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion must go beyond tokenism to deliver benefits for both people and organisations. Drawing upon lived experience and the latest theories of D&I, I can support you to create spaces of true belonging.

Thenu talking to a group of people

Workshops & Presentations

Thenu is a highly-skilled facilitator with 6 years experience delivering workshops at high schools and conferences across Australia.


Sustainable Development Goals & Global Civics

What are the sustainable development goals? How can we contribute to sustainable development in their local communicates? This workshop explores how young people can act on the issues they care about.

Democracy 101

Democracy only works if citizens understand it. This workshop engages year 7-12’s about the inner workings of Australia’s democracy through engaging and experiential learning methods.

Custom built for your needs

Need an experienced facilitator? I offer custom workshops to meet specific learning outcomes.